Computer Network Support for
​Dallas's Small Businesses

We keep IT support simple.
No contracts.
No crazy maintenance fees. 
​Just a by the hour rate of $100. 
On-site and off-site support.

  1. We keep things simple
    It is our goal to not overly complicate your Computer Network. Our primary goal for Network care is up-time and simplicity.
  2. 29 Years of Experience
    29 Years of Experience
    Serving the Dallas Texas area for 29 Years, since 1990.
  3. We build Relationships
    We understand small businesses. A principal objective of ours is to help keep your IT costs down.
The less there is to go wrong with your Computer Network, the less you need our IT Support. 

When you succeed with your Dallas Small Business, we succeed right along with you.   
We are here to assist you,
-we are here to help you with anything and everything related to providing Computer Network Support.  
It is in our best interest to help see you as a business succeed, as you grow, we provide additional support, therefore we grow.  We create and maintain long-term trusting relationships.  These are our goals that we consistently achieve with success.   This is how we operate, "we help you, therefore you help us", our philosophy is as simple as that.  You succeed, therefore we succeed. 
For a computer network support team that you can count on, we are here to help. I look forward to hearing from you,

Josh Hobbs
[email protected]
J P Hobbs inc dba RemoteIT, President

If you are 

  • tired or overwhelmed with providing computer network support yourself 

  • or you are ready to say good-bye to the computer network support group you are currently using

  • or you are just starting out in business, and you are looking for a computer network support team that you can count on

. . . then we can most definitely help
We would like to help you with your
Computer Network

At RemoteIT we help Small Businesses in Dallas Texas by providing them with on and off-site computer network support.  We support these small businesses by providing support for them with their computer networks in whatever form they request.   Some of our customers just want computer network support from us as supervising experts, while they staff their own IT department.  Most of our customers want us to take full control of their entire computer network, providing them with computer network support for all their computer network related needs.  The majority of our customers trust us so much that they unquestionably 'always' follow our computer network related recommendations.  We have built "long-standing" relationships with many small businesses in Dallas over the past twenty-nine years.  We have the highest appreciation of/for our customers, and we value their business, their way of business and their business property VERY MUCH.  We respect our customers as they do us.  With us, you can rely on us in every aspect.  We are quick and responsive, truthful and honest, diligent and ethical.  You can count on us giving you our best, we work hard, we stay focused, and we give you our all.  You can count on us being punctual, we will always be available for you when you need us.  You can count on our work, we pride ourselves at being good at what we do.  Our motto is that we don't ever try to oversell you on complex / high maintenance equipment and solutions, we try to keep things simple, therefore maintenance costs are lower, and failure rates are limited.  It's a big deal to us that we don't make your network complex and complicated, minimization and stability are key to keeping things working well.  Most importantly, you can count on us as an ally to help you as the customer and friend in any way that we can.